UKRI Co-ordinator for Research Challenges in Hydrogen and Alternative Liquid Fuels

Driving the growth of low carbon Hydrogen and alternative liquid fuels. UK-HyRES aims to tackle the research challenges blocking the wider use of low carbon fuels in the UK – funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

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PROJECT Objectives

See some of the initial outcomes from the launch workshop by following the link below.

Follow the links to read more about each themed workshop and catch up by watching the recordings.


Hydrogen Champion appointed as government accelerates UK hydrogen investment

A warm welcome to Jane Toogood who has been appointed as the UK’s first Hydrogen Champion. The appointment will see Jane play a vital role in bringing industry and government together to realise the government’s hydrogen ambitions. This includes supporting up to 10 GW of hydrogen production capacity by 2030, aiming to run annual allocation rounds for electrolytic hydrogen, and designing, by 2025, new business models for hydrogen transport and storage infrastructure. These targets will put us on track to make the UK a world-leading hydrogen economy, attracting billions of pounds in inward investment and supporting 12,000 jobs across the country. Read more of the press release and the appointment of the hydrogen champion.

Great discussion and engagement in our Ammonia and Alternative Liquid Fuels workshop

Alternative liquid fuels such as ammonia are increasingly regarded as a key component of the future energy mix towards the net zero imperative. Through our launch workshop, you also told us that alternative liquid fuels was one of the major areas that you wanted to discuss. On the 20th July UK-HyRES held the fourth themed workshop focused on the research challenges, future vision and opportunities surrounding ammonia and alternative liquid fuels to answer that call. Read more about the workshop and the excellent insight talks.

UK-HyRES featured in The Engineer magazine

Titled “H2 BEYOND THE HYPE” the July issue discusses the project motivation and vision. Featuring a great interview with Principal Investigator Professor Tim Mays, the article sets out the strategic context of Hydrogen, the key engineering challenges and why UK-HyRES can help in accomplishing our Net Zero ambitions. Not least through interdisciplinary, cross-cutting engagement. Read the full article online or download it here.

Workshop 4 – End Use of Hydrogen – Insightful discussion, comments and debate

Hydrogen is often discussed from the perspective of fuel cells, but many other end users rely on hydrogen, from ammonia, methanol and steel production, to power generation, oil and metal refining, and synthetic fuels. On the 5th July 2022 UK-HyRES held the fourth workshop in a themed series, focused on the challenges, opportunities and future vision for the end use of hydrogen. Read more about the insight talks.

Prof. Tim Mays delivered a UK-HyRES presentation at the University of Bath’s summer showcase for the Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies (CSCT), which he also co-directs

Titled “Molecules to Materials for a Sustainable Future”, the CSCT’s annual summer showcase was held on the 27th-28th June 2022. The event, a multi-disciplinary conference, featured a wide range of research topics and excellent presentations and talks. Alongside the CSCT’s CDT student presentations, ignite talks and posters, a wide range of industrial and academic presentations from leading figures were heard. These included a presentation from Prof. Tim Mays about the UK-HyRES project ambitions. Read more.

Prof. Rachael Rothman discusses the UK-HyRES project goals as part of the EPSRC Engineering Net Zero week

Prof. Rachael Rothman delivered an engaging presentation on the UK-HyRES project, including our aims, objective and vision. Discussion of hydrogen and how it can play a part in the net zero transition also featured, with Prof. Rothman continuing the conversation on the panel. There was lots of great discussions about systems level thinking, delivery and the need for life cycle assessment. Read more.

Prof. Tim Mays discusses hydrogen on behalf of the EPSRC Supergen Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Hub as part of the EPSRC Engineering Net Zero week

Answering the question, “What are the social impacts of the move to net zero? – The view from the EPSRC Supergen Programme”, Prof. Tim Mays gave a presentation about the H2FC project and stressed the importance of “Society and Sustainable Development, where society at large must be engaged to appreciate the reasons for, and methods and impacts of, net zero research.” Prof. Mays also continued the conversation during the panel session. Read more.

Successful Engagement for Workshop 2 – Production &
Workshop 3 – Storage and distribution

Workshops 2 and 3 took place on the 16th June 2022. There was engagement from the full spectrum of stakeholders across the hydrogen economy. Building on the success of the Launch event, Workshop 2 focused on the Production of Hydrogen, with Workshop 3 centred around the Storage and Distribution of Hydrogen. Engaging insight talks were delivered during each session. Read more about the Production Workshop, or the Storage & Distribution Workshop, to hear about our insight talks, the plan going forward, and to watch the recordings.

Prof. Tim Mays gave the Plenary Lecture at the EPSRC Supergen Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Hub

Prof. Tim Mays gave the opening Plenary Lecture at the EPSRC Supergen Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Hub conference at the University of St Andrews on 8 June 2022.  His lecture introduced the scope and details of the UK-HyRES project. Download the slide deck to read more about the project.

UK-HyRES Featured in The Chemical Engineer magazine

UK-HyRES was featured in the latest special issue titled ‘Energy Transition’ . Authored by the editor, Adam Duckett and reporter Amanda Jasi, the project was discussed as part of the landscape of activities towards ‘engineering options for a cleaner tomorrow’, with some fantastic accompanying articles. Read the article on our website and the full issue by following this link.

Launch Workshop Outcomes

The UK-HyRES launch workshop took place online with the project team present in person at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution following a Board meeting in the morning. There was excellent engagement across academia, industry, government, consultancies, consortia and NGOs with over 130 attendees. Read the initial outcomes from the workshop.

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